5 Reasons You Should Leave Your Desk For Lunch

1.     You’ll come back reenergised and in a better mood for the next half of your day

Taking a break will help you to be more productive during your day because it refreshes your mind and body and helps you to collect your thoughts.

2.     A change in scenery boosts creativity!

A change of scenery can mean you come back refreshed and clear-headed, allowing you to take on tasks and issues more efficiently.

3.     You’ll have more energy!

Moving your body gets more oxygen to your muscles and brain allowing you to be able to think more clearly, reducing fatigue and improving energy levels!

4.     You’ll become a more mindful eater and enjoy your food more.

In order to be a healthy eater, you need to pay attention to what you are eating, not the computer that’s sitting in front of you. By leaving your desk for lunch, you will enjoy your food more and inhale less of it.

5.     Going out with colleagues for lunch can help you create better relationships.

Spending some time with your colleagues at lunch-time outside of work can help build better relationships and make the work atmosphere more enjoyable!

Makes you never want to eat lunch at your desk again right?

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