30 Things You Can Do With 45 Minutes

1.   Go to the gym

2.   Take a Yoga Class

3.   Go for a run or walk

4.   Read a chapter (or two) of a book

5.   Journal about your day

6.   Go Shopping

7.   De-clutter your desk

8.   Tidy up your house

9.   Watch an episode of your favorite TV show

10. Run errands

11. Relax

12. Take a nap

13. Get a massage

14. Get your nails done

15. Get a haircut

16. Meditate

17. People watch

18. Delete pointless e-mails from your inbox

19. Go for a coffee run

20. Take a social media break from work and check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

21. Plan out your weekend

22. Listen to a podcast

23. Volunteer!

24. Call a friend or family member and have a chat

25. Download a language learning app and start learning a new language

26. Get creative- Draw, Paint, Color, Doodle!

27. Write a poem

28. Make a blog post

29. Take a dance class (Salsa anyone?)

30. Make a new playlist to help pump you up throughout your day 

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